A sampler of songs I'm honored to have produced
Oren Reuveni (singer/songwriter)
School for Love
It wasn't right

Written and performed by Oren Reuveni, including vocals, acoustic guitars & b.vox.

Produced by Shachar Gilad including arrangements, acoustic and all electric guitars, bass gtr, b. vox, engineering & mixing. Art Tavee on drums.


Instrumental TV Music

at home1, at home2, at home3, at home4, at home5, at home7, athome2 long
Written and produced by Shachar Gilad for A&E Television Show 'At Home with the Brave (for the holidays)'. All insruments Shachar except drums Art Tavee, b. vox Rebecca Dorsey.
Skye (female pop/rock)
Bright Side
Get it together
Left of this
paper days
won't let go
lonely night
Skye - writer, singer
SG-Lad - production, arrangements, engineering, mixing, all guitars, keys, bass. Bvox, co-writing on left of this, won't let go, bright side.
Art Tavee - drums
Paul Vazquez - bass on won't let go
SG-Lad - Shachar (singer/songwriter)
How did it go
Is there something
Songs by Shachar Gilad, including all guitars vocals engineering , mixing
Sean Garvey (rockabilly)
Lonesome State Lines
El Camino
Sean Garvey - Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Gtrs
Shachar Gilad - Production/Engineering/Mixing, El. Gtrs, Bass
Art Tavee - Drums, El. Gtr.
Elana Brynes (pop/rock)
Elana - Singer, writer-lyrics
Shachar - Producer, writer-music/all inst./mix
Alana Kessler
Would you
All that you say
Alana - Singer, b.vox, lyrics for would you, melody
Shachar - Production, music and lyrics on 'all that'. Music for would you & melody. Production, mix, all instruments except drums on would you.
J. Presnell (singer/songwriter)
world upside down
say you'll stay
in the next life
john presnell - singer, songwriter
SG Lad - producer/arranger, programming/beats, guitars, keys
paul vazquez - engineer, mixing

free my soul (R&B)

Written by Lesley Grant, Produced and Engineered by SG Lad

Never Said (Melodic Rock)
Written, ac.gtr & vox by August Story. Production, el.gtrs, bass, keys & mixed by Shachar
Shachar Gilad Experimenting with Vanina D'Antoni
Electronica heavy
By Shachar Gilad
Hip HopSG
A hip hop beat by Shachar Gilad
All songs property of respective owners & registered copyright. Please don't misuse.

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